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Expert on Emerald Ash Borer in Kansas City today.

Dr. Deb McCullough from Michigan State University spoke to approx. 100 industry professionals at the Heartland Green Industry Expo in Overland Park, KS today. The hot topic of the day was the...


Hello Kent- I have been meaning to write to you for about a year now...and finally wanted to take the time to drop you this note. I live in Pembroke Court and Aspen takes care of our property. I am one that tends to do some extra things-and last year I undertook a landscape project. This year, I added to it. Justin has been my main contact at your Company and want you to know what a valuable employee you have in him. He is responsive, articulate, creative and does what he says he going to do. The crews that he sends are also very reliable and everyone seems to be "perfectionists" which I really appreciate more than you can imagine. I enjoy doing business with your company and just wanted you to know that.  Best regards, Cathy

Cathy G.
Leawood, KS

How it all beganHow it all began

Aspen Lawn and Landscape Message from Founder In 1985, I started Aspen Lawn & Landscape with a lawn mower borrowed from Dad and a couple buddies. Slowly growing, I had to start purchasing equipment from local garage sales. My company vehicle consisted of a 1976 Matador pulling a trailer which doubled as my personal car on the weekends. I worked hard everyday to gain both my customers trust and respect. I always strived to go beyond what they expected of me. I wanted to give them the best service possible.

28 years later I have surrounded myself with people as good or better than myself. At Aspen, we make a strong commitment everyday to maintain the same level of performance I first gave my customers in 1985. It is our employees that make the difference. Through our efforts, our customer retention level remains very high. My promise to you is that I will always give it my all to see that the service you receive is my best.

Kent Girton

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